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The concept of developing DAGRA and the decentralized search engine and browser DagrSearch (monetization).

DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. in November 2016 launched in the test mode its unique decentralized search service, in which more than 65 thousand users are already registered. This service is characterized by an innovative approach to search. The search engine DagrSearch does not use a centralized server. Instead, the results of each search query come from hundreds of independent nodes distributed over the global Internet as in BitTorrent technology. In such a distributed network, there is no single entity that decides what results and in what order to display in the. https://search.dagrsol.com/

DagrSearch is the world’s first search engine that will distribute up to 90% of the earned funds from traffic and advertising, among all its users in the form of its own unique cryptocurrency DAGRA.
Cryptocurrency DAGRA – combines all the best mechanisms that exist separately in other currencies, and has a number of others that no one currency has in the market.
When creating DAGRA, our team of developers and marketers very carefully studied all the best cryptocurrencies existing on the market, eliminated all their shortcomings, combined all the benefits and included additional improvements. (See below: platform advantages)

Today, DagrSearch is at the beginning of its journey, this project is akin to Google in its initial development. But unlike Google, DagrSearch is developed on the basis of a new technology of distributed storage, which has no expenses for the development of servers and has the opportunity to return all the profits to its users. It’s not a secret that now everyone would want to own Google shares, but not many have such an opportunity.

The next time decentralized search will receive many new features, the ability to install software on PC, smartphones, tablets, a search engine agent working on artificial intelligence and many others that will significantly improve its utility for the Internet community.

In order for the search engine and browser DagrSearch to index well, get profit and was in demand, it is necessary to create a large independent decentralized network in different time zones around the world. And it is necessary to stimulate all users and computer owners to download DagrSearch software. By default, DagrSearch software will occupy 50 GB of memory in the hard disk of the computers of the users, and more at the request of the participants.

In order to get from the community something valuable should be given to people in substitution for value. In our case, the received value is the hard disk space, since in our time practically all computers have a memory from 500GB, then this value (50GB) for users is not particularly difficult.

In order to quickly scale and deliver our product to each user, the company has developed a development program DagrSearch with a unique marketing plan.

The essence of the program is as follows:

The company DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. has 500 million shares purchased from the US Federal Reserve. Of these 500 million shares, the company issues 100 million options, which will be transferred as a reward between participants and users of the DagrSearch network. It is worth noting that for one year since the start of the company, the company has attracted more than 2500 shareholders from different countries of the world, and the cost of 1 share for today is 24 US dollars.

Each participant of the network, installing the software DagrSearch receives a gift coupon in the form of 5 options, which in the future can be changed to shares of the company DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. after the IPO (Initial Public Offering). This means that the first 20 million people will become minority shareholders of the largest decentralized IT Corporation. What will ensure demand and high growth rates of shares in the medium and long term.

Also, the company DagrSol Searching Engine Inc., more active participants will pay remuneration of the DAGRA cryptocurrency, which will be traded on all external TOP exchanges. Each active participant will receive 1 – DAGRA for each invited 10 – participants by sending a referral link for downloading DagrSearch software. For this purpose, the company allocated 1 million Crypto-currency DAGRA. The initial price of DAGRA when entering foreign exchanges will be from $ 40 per 1 coin. And according to the most conservative forecasts, in the next 5-6 months the price of DAGRA will exceed $ 300 dollars, and this in full is real and adequate figures.
These measures help attract a huge number of users around the world, which will have a big impact on the rapid growth of DAGRA’s cryptocurrency.

A similar marketing with a multiplier effect was observed and observed in the UBER application, which gives rewards in the form of 1 free trip to its users. It is worth noting that over 4-5 years of active development, UBER has attracted more than 100 million users, it’s easy to check in the Play Market and the App Store. Unlike UBER, we give our users much more, the opportunity to earn without spending a single penny. And the opportunity to receive a constant passive income in the future, while enjoying a very useful product.

Since the coin mining algorithm provides for a uniform distribution of the DAGRA crypto-currency (excluding the application of ASIC equipment), it does not allow concentrating coins in the same hands in large quantities. That all market participants will try not to sell them and store them as long as possible, as DAGRA will grow in price in proportion to the growth of the DagrSearch network community. Thus, this strategy is an ideal tool for POPULATION of DAGRA crypto currency.

According to independent analysts, when an IPO is issued, the share price will be over $ 80, and in the next 3 years, it will exceed $ 250.

The 21st century is the century when our civilization has stepped in the direction of the greatest discoveries in IT industries such as Blockchain and the cryptocurrency, it becomes possible to implement the most ambitious goals and ideas. In the context of globalization, when people’s rights and freedoms acquire high value, the implementation of this concept will provide an opportunity to feel secure, to become freer and happier to millions of people around the world, according to the mission of DagrSol Searching Engine Inc.

The new generation search engine DagrSearch is able to be not just a navigator on the basis of existing knowledge of mankind but to provide the world with a machine thinker working for the benefit of all, and not in the interests of huge corporations threatening our freedom.


More on: www.dagrsol.info

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Step 1. Register in the Investor’s Office

Step 2. Go to the store and make an order to buy a crypto currency

Step 3. Pay for the order after

receipt of payment, an automatically generated password will be sent to your e-mail address from your DAGRA purse, corresponding to your order and DAGRA coin discounts.

(DAGRA coins will be sent within 24 hours, after receipt of payment)

ATTENTION!!! Save the password from your wallet in a place that is accessible only to you!





Transfer money from one purse to another instantly due to the function of DAGRA fast payments.


Advanced encryption protects each transaction. Each wallet is securely protected.


DAGRA crypto-currency is protected from surges and depreciation by the Gold Reserve, placed in the most reliable banks around the world.


The so-called mixer is built in DAGRA and all payments are made by default anonymously and secretly for outsiders.


To ensure security, all payments in the DAGRA global network are conducted without intermediaries and third-party controls.


DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. – is responsible for the development and support of the DAGRA platform to network users and owners of DAC DAGRA shares.


Users of the DAGRA network can influence the development cryptocurrency agency if they own shares of DAC DAGRA Decentralized Autonomous Corporation.


For making payments, the network charges an extremely low commission (especially in comparison with conventional bank transfers), and micropayments are almost free.


State or other boundaries do not matter for the distributed network of DAGRA blockchain – so you can make payments to anyone around the world.


The main goal of DAGRA: simplicity and familiarity of use. You can use your DAGRA wallet from all devices: a PC, a smartphone or in a web browser.


DAGRA is a crypto-platform for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Any organization that has passed audit can release its shares on the platform, exchange them on the stock exchange, participate in investment projects and much more …
DAGRA is a decentralized platform for building its own organizations, working on blocking technology. DAGRA is a decentralized autonomous organization, its management is fully concentrated in the hands of Shareholders who will be entitled to receive shares from new organizations launched on the DAGRA platform. The right to vote in DAGRA is granted to all Shareholders who can support or reject a new offer. The number and function of various organizations, in principle, is unlimited, but companies and individuals wishing to create a new organization will be required to pass a decentralized audit. Only after this, the new organization will be admitted to the voting stage. This will reduce the amount of fraud and get rid of spam, which will allow the community to focus on truly innovative and life-changing projects.
DAGRA Bank provides each participant with a bank account linked to a network account. With this account, you can quickly and safely transfer funds to anywhere in the world. In such a bank, the funds can not be withdrawn, frozen or applied to them by other sanctions.
On the stock exchange, you can trade – currency (including the crypto currency), raw materials and derivatives.
You can trade on the exchange – currency (including crypto-currencies), raw materials and derivative stock instruments.The user can use the tools used by professional traders: shorts, options, other derivatives, etc. The interest of the bank on each transaction is to pay interest on deposits of the decentralized bank of Dagra.The market capitalization of Dagra Bank will several times exceed the value of all balances in gold, silver, oil, and currencies. Therefore, the aggregate value of all deposits in the bank will be secured by more than 100% collateral (as opposed to ~ 1% in a conventional bank).
The DAGRA catalog presents a selection of the most useful applications. Those who develop new software can also sell their products through our catalog. Purchases and sales are an important element of entrepreneurship. Today, in order to effectively use all business resources, it is necessary to use virtual technologies. The DAGRA catalog presents a selection of the most useful applications. Those who develop new software can also sell their products through our catalog. We guarantee the quality of the products presented in our assortment. Quality control is carried out by our curators. Curators are elected by voting of delegates. After checking the application several curators determine its priority. The higher the priority – the cheaper the fee for it (Gas) for execution on the nodes of the network. Therefore, applications that do not need to consume a lot of computing resources will not be able to overload the network if something goes wrong. Malicious programs do not even get into the directory. Commission “Gas” is a nominal amount in DAGRA crypto currency, which the user who runs the application pays for the computing power of the network necessary for its operation. Thus, the DAGRA catalog encourages third-party programmers to create new decentralized services for the platform, to profit from their use. A small part of this profit goes to the treasury of DAGRA. For their work, the curators are rewarded as delegates and miners from Dagra Bank.
DAGRA Fund, the new Crowdfunding platform is a revolution in the field of financing and investment. Crowdfunding on the basis of a decentralized crypto platform will be the main driving force for the development of start-ups, and you can use it if you want to be at the forefront of new technologies. Dagr Fund will allow participants to create their own projects and raise funds for them, and for the developers of the platform to finance the creation of new advanced applications and services based on blockchain technology. Cost and security are just some of the problems of centralized crowdfunding platforms that can be solved with the help of the Dagr Fund.Websites like Kickstarter charge up to 10 percent of the amount collected for the project, which makes the fundraising process more complex and reduces the chances of a successful completion of the campaign. If you are trying to raise money in the community, then the big problem is the moral side, when you realize that you are one of 10% of people whose money will go not into business, but simply to an intermediary. For small projects, this can completely lead to the failure of the entire fund-raising campaign often, centralized platforms impose restrictions on project creators, adding indirect costs to their assignments. Decentralization will allow initiative people to more actively raise funds. From a security standpoint, Dagr Fund protects users by using private keys that are not stored on any centralized server. This makes the platform unattractive for hacker attacks and other illegal encroachments. The standard scheme of centralized crowdfunding, in fact, is a prepayment for a product not yet created and people supporting their own fund’s start-up do not affect how these funds are spent.On the contrary, the scheme of Dagr Fund decentralized crowdfunding is similar to the release of securities (ICO model – initial coin offering). Together with the analytical network of experts of the community integrated into Dagr Fundthat performs a complex evaluation of funded projects, ICO allows participating in the process of managing the financed company to all shareholders of its shares. In turn, this helps projects to prove themselves to potential sponsors and increase their chances of success. Dagr Fund is not only a convenient platform for launching new breakthrough ideas but also the basis of a new economic order. A new concept of the future, where everyone will have access to economic instruments, and the benefits derived from labor, knowledge, and innovation will be distributed, rather than concentrating in the pockets of some corporate investors.

The anonymous, uncensored decentralized search services of  DagrSearch.

DagrSol Searching Engine Inc. launches in its test mode its decentralized search service. This service is characterized by an innovative approach to search. The DagrSearch search engine does not use a centralized server. Instead, the results of each search query come from hundreds of independent nodes distributed over the global Internet as in the BitTorrent technology. In such a distributed network there is no single entity that decides what results and in what order to display in the search results.

In contrast to conventional search services, the DagrSearch search engine is designed to protect the privacy of users. Our search service does not know how to store and transmit any data about users, including search history, computer addresses, and their location. All the service data in the network of search nodes DagrSearch are transmitted in an encrypted form.

DagrSearch does not censor and does not filter search results – the only criterion is the correspondence of information to the user’s request.

Today, DagrSearch is at the beginning of its journey, but in the near future decentralized search will receive new features that will significantly improve its usefulness for the Internet community:

The number of nodes of the search network DagrSearch will increase significantly, which will lead to an improvement in the quality and speed of the search;

To ensure greater privacy of users, DagrSearch will be available in the “onion-network Tor”;

Thanks to the distributed storage technology based on the block system, users will be able to search not only for the current state of the Internet network but also for its past states, which will provide even greater protection against censorship;

Each user of DagrSearch can anonymously create their own hidden search agents who will constantly search for new materials on the given topic and send the results to RSS-feed or to e-mail;

The next great step in improving the search quality will be the use of neural networks and artificial intelligence methods in our decentralized search engine, resulting in the emergence of a powerful networked Artificial Intelligence that will not only find the existing information on the network but will be able to independently conduct research and provide answers to unresolved issues;

DagrSearch, the search engine of the new generation is able to be not just a navigator based on the existing knowledge of mankind but to provide the world with a machine thinker working for the benefit of all, and not in the interests of huge corporations threatening our freedom.