As you know, there are a lot of companies in the world that offers you the opportunity to purchase crypto currency for further mutual settlements or earnings. Whether we want it or not, the future belongs to the crypto currency, thanks to which all your payments will be 100% protected against financial losses. To date, the main criterion in choosing a crypto currency is the technology that could ensure popularization at a proper level and stable growth in the market.

     Company Dagrsol Searching Engine Inc. Announced the completion of its own DAGRA crypto currency. In July 2017, the company enters the initial coin offering and begins preparations for the launch of the new generation of decentralized search engine service DagrSearch. The feature of DagrSearch is that the system will distribute 90% of all earned funds from traffic and advertising between users of the DagrSearch network. Search service-browser has a server space from all users, from anywhere in the world, that is, any person can become a user and a member of the network. Each user will receive a reward in the DAGRA crypto currency.

    To quickly increase the number of users of the product, Dagrsol Searching Engine Inc. Applied a unique concept of development, where each member of the network, installing DagrSearch software, receives a gift coupon in his personal cabinet in the form of 5 options, which in the future can be changed for shares, when the company leaves the IPO. For this purpose, the company allocates 100 million shares from its asset, as well as 1 million DAGRA crypto currency. Active participants will be paid DAGRA royalties. Each participant will receive for his wallet 1 – DAGRA for every invited 10-member. To do this, it will be enough to register and send a referral link for downloading the DagrSearch software. Analysts predict a rapid take-off of DAGRA due to the ease of mining and user-friendly interface. Applying this type of marketing for the development of a decentralized browser and search service where all payments will be made in the DAGRA crypto currency, the company plans to attract 20 million participants only in the first year, which will make the DAGRA crypto currency popular, provide demand and, as a result, the rapid growth of its quotes On crypto-exchanges. And the next 3 years bring the number of users to 100 million worldwide.

     As the president of the company Artem Gurin stated, such a number of users will not have any crypto currency at the expense of a wide range of products. DAGRA will become one of the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

     Delegate (holder of 1000 DAGRA coins) will have a vote on the voting in smart contracts, that is, it will be a privileged Delegate (Masternode) and will be able to use their votes when implementing new projects such as the Dagrsol Academy education system. He will also be able to participate in the construction of new cottage settlements on the system of domed houses Dagrsol Land. Due to only these products, the company’s share price will rise above $ 100 at its current rate of $ 20.1.